God’s love, refuge, name and hand

God's love, refuge, name and hand

I am so thankful that God is good because His love never quits.

When I’m pushed to the wall, I call to God and no matter where, what, how, when or why, He answers.  With God now on my side, I’m not afraid.  Far better to take refuge in God than to trust people, even wealthy people.

When I use God’s name, I am in His strength and He is my champion.  Even if I am at the edge of a cliff, ready to fall, God will grab me and hold me.  He is my strength, song and salvation.

It is His hand that has turned the tide, and has brought me into victory!


Kristian Stanfill – Always

God is Your Refuge

God’s Hands—Our Refuge and Security



2 thoughts on “God’s love, refuge, name and hand

  1. Very encouraging post. Seems like everything I’ve been reading the last couple of days has been on this subject of fear. Thank you!

    • God is showing me that He is greater than fear – I believe He is preparing me for tomorrow and I pray I do not forget what He has shared with me today!

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