I didn’t die, I lived!


I feel a bit for the youth of a particular Chinese Alliance church I had the privilege of speaking too on several occasions.  I feel because my messages were mostly about dying and to a group that ran from ages 14 – 26, dying was the last thing on their mind.

It was difficult for them to grasp that in dying, they could live.

The miracle of dying, and living is that it makes you a stronger follower of Jesus, able to tell the world what God did in your life.  God tests, He pushes hard, but He does not hand us over to Death, instead He swings wide the righteous gates and we walk right through thanking God.

This is God’s work – what we call unworthy, He saves and offers a free and full life.

You are my God and I thank you – You are so good.  Your love never quits.




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