Praise is the secret at the end of the day

secret spot

This is my last post for 2014. I will be moving future posts to  I have gone over the Psalms twice – once in The Message and once in American Standard Version.  They both gave different perspectives and yet were consistent in themes.

The clear outcome that I was looking for was a deeper appreciation and understanding of the importance of the Psalms and why it seems I am the only one who found no real sustaining craziness that most people have when it comes to this book of the Bible.

Do not get me wrong – there are clear passages that have great strength – it is, by the way, God’s Word.  However, after reading it twice, in two different translations, over an entire year, I have come away with no further love for this book then how I started this year.

Maybe my expectations were too high.  I was looking for discussion of what the road would be like that God had charted for me.  I was looking for instructions, words of advice, a tidbit here or there that would set me on my way with truth.

Maybe I missed all the truth that was laid out there right before my eyes and yet I could not see.  That would be a travesty.  And yet it must be so.  So I will start the new year with a new theme – to recognize wisdom and good advice and to understand sayings with deep meaning.  Let’s see if Proverbs can help me understand the Psalms.

On a purely simple note – if there is one thing the Psalms knows about – it is the power, privilege, honour and value of praise in light of eternity.  Praising God is what we do, with whatever we have, wherever we are and at whatever level of passion you find yourself in.  There is in fact no reason not to praise God.  If you are breathing then there is one thing you should be doing now – praising God.  Praise Him with me as we leave 2014 and enter 2015 with the same breath of praise.




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