Holding and Lifting


If you cannot figure out what this picture is about – it is an ant who is biting a branch to hold on and at the same time is lifting up a pebble.

That is the image I have of God – either He is holding us up so that we do not fall, or we have fallen and He offers us a hand to raise us up and for those very special people – I am sure He has to hold and raise at the same time.

It is because He knows who He is that He can give so much.  He knows His Kingdom is eternal.  He knows that at the end of the day, our eyes will only be looking at Him, watching for Him, because whatever we need, He is the only one who can supply.  What is so special that even with all that power, He offers us what we need with an open hand, satisfying our desire – how right is that and how gracious is such an offer?








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