How do we escape what we see and feel to stay true to our calling in following Jesus?

Calling on God and expecting Him to hear is a good way to start.  Understanding that our prayer is like incense to Him and worship is better than sacrifice, we begin to watch what is coming out of our mouths, lips and heart.

It is the practice of straying from God that ends up with us straying – so lets not practice them, or hang out with those who do and especially stay away from those “treats” that draw you in.  Instead appreciate when your Christian friends, out of kindness, get in your way and point out the obvious that you do not seem to notice.  Accept rebuke as if they were anointing you with oil and do not refuse this kind of love.

Then our prayers will continue no matter what kind of evil surrounds us and are words remain sweet for our eyes are on Jesus.  In Him we seek our refuge when these kinds of days get real tough and when we are empty, may He fill our cup.  It is in this time when we discern, avoid the snares and escape from falling.





One thought on “Escape

  1. Prayer indeed gets us connected with our God throough Christ our savior. When we stay connected there is clarity from his light and we get to stay more and more on-course. check my blog” prayer is worship “

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