Deliver me


I still struggle with the idea that my deliverance means that those who are afflicting me have to suffer with incredible amounts of pain delivered by the hand of God.  At least that is from King David’s perspective.  I assume that since I have never been a king or struggled with the weight of such leadership issues that I cannot possibly understand.

However, Jesus surely gave signals on how He handled adversity and instead of asking God to wipe people out and bury them, He asked God to forgive them for they did not have a clue about what they were doing.

I like that – great definition of what love is and why one should not judge.  May my walk with God look like me treating others as I would have God treat me. Then I can watch God deliver me.




Selah – You Deliver Me

Christina G. Rossetti, “Who shall deliver me?” from Poems, 1876


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