Have you ever lived in an environment where everyone was trying to work as if there was unity among everyone?  It can be quite hilarious and quite devastating at the same time.  Some have perfected the art and others not so much.

I have had the privilege of working in Christian ministries most of my life.  There was one place that really believed in quarterly learning opportunities that would engage all the staff in bettering who they were in the workplace.  One such opportunity dealt with Communication.  Everyone was tested as to their communication style – results – one Choleric, one Diversity and 30 Accommodation.  As Christians we have been trained at obtaining the spirit of unity at the cost even of who we are.

The same thing takes places in marriage – I have seldom met a woman and a man who understands the power of submission.  The concept of this kind of unity is not taught in our churches and so where else can the family understand what unity means in the family as it is in the Trinity.  Therefore, can you remember anyone able to adeptly explain the Trinity to you?

So it leaves me with this – I’m called to walk in unity with Christians.  It is like a fresh anointing – from there comes blessing and life.  So I have decided to be united with Christ and with the strength of my union with Him, I will bless those I meet with my life in Him, able to love and not judge and thereby still be who I am and yet still be a brother to those who have decided to follow Jesus too.





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