The destination


This road that God has charted for us can confuse us a bit if we think that our destination is heaven.  That kind of thinking causes some problems within our journey.  I think that long-term thinking means that I have all the time in the world to get it right.  Something like me trying to lose weight — there are days I can cheat because there are three times as many days that I can correct and get back on track.

With our journey, I believe the destination is day-to-day.  I believe that we must find ourselves, at some point of the day, coming into the presence of God.  Finding Him in His place of rest and entering there with Him, worshiping Him, falling down before Him, greeting Him with the journey of the day.  There we receive strength, rest and it is there that He imparts His holiness to us.

I believe that such a journey is not only a blessing for us personally, but I believe there are generational blessings that come from such a walk with God.  Be ready to see God show up in our grandchildren’s life and if He should so bless us, our great-grandchildren.






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