You see the way I choose to go


My heart stands in awe of God’s Word.  I joy in God’s Word as one who joys in receiving a great reward.  I love God’s Word.

If Daniel prayed three times every day and David praised God seven times each day, what can I do?

I have peace and have no occasion of stumbling for my hope is in God’s salvation and in the testimonies that all of His followers have shared – they all acknowledge that all our ways are before You.

So may God hear my prayer for understanding of His Word, I ask Him to deliver me according to the promises in His Word.  My lips praise Him because He is teaching me and my tongue sings because in everything, He is truth.

I expect God to help me because of the choice I have made and I look for His salvation as I delight in Him and as my soul lives, I will praise Him and let His Word help me.

If by chance I should find myself going astray from this road that God has charted for me, I know that God will seek me and find me – for even if I go astray, I will not forget His Word.






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