I am Yours, save me

I am Yours, save me

Talking the other day about not being afraid of dying since I know that God knows my appointed time and I can only die when it is my time to die.  Yes, strange looks around the table were looking back at me.

How else can you explain when we call upon the Lord for help that some obviously receive a miraculous intervention and others die.

I believe that God’s Word is settled in heaven and His faithfulness is sure generation after generation.  This world is sustained by His hand and by His law as everything serves Him.  Even if I did not delight in His Word, the day I would die would be the day I would die in my sorrow and separation from Him.  I will never forget Him because my life just goes into pause when I fail to walk with Him.

Let’s face it – God’s laws are exceedingly broad and even so, they are not what saves you – only following and trusting in Jesus can do that and I count on Him saving me today and the day I stand in judgement before God.




I am Yours…save me

Lecrae – Take Me As I Am

“I am Yours; save me!” Martin Luther’s Prayer

I am Yours. Save Me.

I am Yours


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