Chosen the way of faithfulness


Each and every day I depend on the graciousness of God that I might live – that is why I observe God’s Word.  I depend on Him to open my eyes, that I might actually see the wonderful things that come out of His law.

One thing is for certain – that makes me a stranger here on earth – so I need God not to hide His truths from me.  It might even be weird for me to say that at one point my soul broke with the longing of keeping up to God’s expectations.

That means I have seen my pride rebuked and I have seen how easy it is to wander from that longing to be with Him. Each day is a decision to keep engaging with God’s story and in the midst of whatever was coming against me, especially those who tried to argue that there was no God, all I had to do to recharge was to meditate once again on His Word.  God’s Word are my delight and my counsellors.

My soul’s charged when I engage with God’s Word, and when I declared that I was going to follow Jesus, God answered me.  Now I need to know more than ever God’s thoughts and ways – I need to understand how they work – so I will meditate on them and be strengthened through them.

May my journey be one of truth, and may God see fit to entrust me with an open window to His law graciously.  I have chosen the way of being faithful to Him and I have set Him before me – He will not put me to shame.




Called Chosen and Faithful

Be Still

The sweetest fruits: faithfulness


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