Walking in the law of God

walking in the law of God

I think that most of us do not think that this is what God requires of us this day and age – this is more like OT stuff and not NT.  However, the character of God does not change – He is the same, always.

At least we start off the perception that walking in the law is not healthy – so we need to ask the difference between that and the law of God – is there a difference?

First of all the law of God is perfect.  Those that keep His testimonies and seek Him with their whole heart, keeping away from those things that keep them from God and turning to those things that bring them closer to Him are blessed.

God has obviously given the commandments and laws so that we can diligently observe them, for His ways are established – why would I not observe them?  I will not be shamed when I have respect for His commandments.  In fact, I will give thanks when I hear testimonies of how right it is to follow God for those testimonies have a common element – God does not forsake those who follow Him.




Bible verses about Walk in the Law of the Lord

Blessed are those who walk in the law of the Lord!




One thought on “Walking in the law of God

  1. Touche bro! When Jesus gave the GREAT COMMANDMENT – He said all laws have been clubbed together here. Meaning; the OT Laws are still there and it is there to discipline us. And it is also true that we cannot uphold it completely and that is where grace comes in.

    The thing that grace does is that it does not cancel the laws perse; it cancels the consequences that comes when we fall short in keeping it.

    The ‘good works’ that the epistles talk about in the NT is nothing but the fruits that comes along when you start living a godly life and how would that come? By keeping the law. The law of loving God and His people.

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