Soul transportation


Before anyone starts thinking that I have crossed over to the dark side – I just want to comment on the physical transportation of Philip and how that can be mirrored in the soul too.

How many times, in our distress, when we have called upon God, that God answered and ‘transported’ us from a place of loss to a place set on firm ground, spacious and filled with His peace and largeness?  That is what I call soul transportation.

It is in this place that I come to my senses and realize that God is on my side and that I have nothing to fear.  What can anyone do to me?  It is better to take refuge in God than to put confidence in people.

So when everything that is surrounding me seems overwhelming, I know God can lift me out of there quickly, moving from a place of fear and anxiety and putting me in a safe place.  Those watching are amazed at the instant transformation.  It’s as if I walked right through the problems and do not see them any more – all I see is Jesus, my strength and my song has become my salvation.

Now people look at me and say I have it easy, that the troubles of this world have passed me by.  Yes, I will not die, but live and declare the works of God in my life.





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