Giving myself to prayer

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Simply because the world is an evil place with curses coming my way more often than blessings.  There are those who fight against us without having even a cause – just because of who we belong to.

It is very easy for us to rain down God’s heavy hand, but let us ask God to bless those who curse us.  Let’s ask God to show them the same loving kindness that God extends to us and let’s ask God to deliver them, just as He delivered us.

We are all poor and needy.  Our hearts are wounded.  We all become shadows when the end of our days approach us.  God needs to save us according to His loving kindness but in doing so, let’s pray that God will do it in such a way that we most definitely will know that He has done it – make it a miracle.

Then, once we have given ourselves to prayer, we can worship and give thanks in our hearts and in our congregations.  We know He will stand at the right hand of the needy and will save them.




Giving yourself to prayer

Giving Yourself to Prayer

I Give Myself Unto Prayer





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