My heart is prepared


Funny how it is when we are taking a journey – our heart is sometimes the last thing that’s prepared for such a task.

That is probably why I find doing my devotions very early in the morning, right before dawn, a time to praise, soaking in God’s loving kindness and mercy and then discovering His truth and faithfulness in the written Word.  Yes, the world is more green and more blue when I hit the road to get on my way to work.

Thereby I’m fortified, fenced, and protected against any spirit that should want to assail me or any distress that wants to oppress me.  I’m set to do amazing things, and carry out heroic deeds.



MCC-06 Is Your Heart Prepared for a King?

How To Prepare Your Heart

Why begin with Praising God?

A Prepared Heart

Prepare my heart with love, take all my fear

Prepare My Heart, Lord Jesus


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