How long does it take?


It seems that it takes just seconds to walk away from God and according to some Bible stories, it could take generations for people to come back to Him.

The temptation for most of us is that we think we walk this road God has charted for us as individuals.  Anything we do or say, commit to or fall away from only has to do with us and no one else will get hurt and no one else will be blessed – it’s all about me.

However, we see over and over in Bible recollections that people who walk away from God affect their entire family, extended family, the leadership over them, those who work with them – a lot of people.  So it is a joyous occasion for everyone to come together and praise God when one of us decides to come back and worship for it means a lot to everyone that restoration takes place in everyone’s life.

The open door for leaving God seems to be wide, well oiled, and easy to swing open.  The door that opens to our restoration seems to be rusty, off their hinges a bit, very heavy, and almost unmovable.  I remember one Bible story where the people had gone so far off track that they were sacrificing their sons and daughters to demons.  Can you imagine what their journey back to God looked like?  God could forgive them, but do you think they could forgive themselves?

Can you imagine taking the freedom you have found in Christ and then exchanging that for oppression?  In our rebellious nature we have somehow lost our minds or the act to reason.  We have found a new set of friends that have guided us into believing that the brown grass on the other side of the fence was actually green.

Nevertheless God regards our helpless distress, He hears our cry even if they are only expressed in tears, He remembers and extends His love and kindness to us.  We bless You God and pray that if we should be one to somehow find ourselves walking away from You that Your Holy Spirit would never stop trying to bring us back and that in fact it would be very soon indeed.





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