Easy to forget


We all know how angry our spouses can get when we forget milestones and special occasion in our lives.  We all know how simple it is in the busyness of life to forget we have families that wait for us at dinner or wait for us to come home or just wait for the promise to come true that things will slow down.  Imagine how simple it is to forget about God.

Part of my Navigator training involved the 2:7 courses.  One of the very first illustrations provided was a story called, My Heart – Christ’s home.  It basically talks about me opening the front door of my heart and inviting Jesus in.  We have great talks at first and then I get busy.  He waits every morning, noon and evening in the living room waiting for me to come home and to come and sit and to talk.  I am so busy that I keep walking right past Him.  Sometimes I feel guilty, sometimes I am so busy I do not remember that He is even there.  The story continues but this is my point – why is it so easy to forget God?

It is everywhere in the Bible too – it has happened for generations. We hurry, act quickly not waiting or planning, we follow our desires – testing God all the time.

We can’t keep that up without it affecting our soul.  In fact this is the one time we do not want to be lean, we want to be fat.  In our leanness we get jealous of those who are fat, holy and in the twisted form of our spirit we end up worshiping gods and not God.  Everything that God had done, and was doing was forgotten and we began to glory in ourselves.  All the awe-inspiring deeds forgotten.

If it were not for those praying for us, we would be destroyed and yet in God’s loving kindness and the prayers of those who love us, we’re spared.  We also have a mediator, Jesus, who keeps interposing, substantially, on our behalf.  Once we come back, it will be a story you will want to tell to generations because it’s a great story but also because you never want to forget Him again.





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