Keeping track


Lately my wife is doing most of the driving.  It is a different perspective to be sitting in the passenger side of the front seat.  I am really enjoying the different scenes that I can fully take in and not the peripheral I might have taken in as I was driving.

I see my travels on this road that God has charted for me mainly with me walking.  Probably because I have been influenced by Pilgrims Progress.  However, I do like the idea of a train.  Living in a large city I have had the pleasure of using our subway system but there was nothing like the experience of a seven hour train ride that I took for business one day. Still had good fellowship as I would have had in a car, but there was so much  more I could see, so much more activity I could do and I still have incredible memories of that trip.

When I look back at all the things God has done in my life and the miracles that He has performed, I see them as signposts marking the spots and declaring that God was here then and there.  Sometimes I get lost in the time frame and do not understand everything in terms of time but I do get the story right and that is what matters.

These are the memories that I keep track of and when I come together with others to worship, these memories from yesterday enable me to walk into the presence of God with praise for who He is and what He has done.  I bless Him for that and love Him for being with me on my journey.  May our praise be a special time where we have kept track of His goodness to us.





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