Ever do a timeline of your life with God?

It is tempting to think that it starts with your moment when you decided to follow, but many of us are having pre-disciple days and still others have the engagement with God without even knowing that we did unless we re-look at our life with the intent of seeing God in it.

My parents would have to start their time line at a very young age even though they did not follow Christ until they were in their late 40’s, early 50’s.

I know I started exactly at 10 years of age, came to an understanding at 12, decided to follow Jesus at 14 and was baptised, committed my life totally to Him at 16, enlisted as a career missionary at 18, served in the church at 23 and called to raise funds for His ministries at 25.

There are a few valleys and many mountain top experiences throughout our lives – it is good to make note of them and how God was there with you during those experiences.  It might make your graph look a bit flatter for emotionally they might really be peaks and valleys without God.

What this graph should do is show us what our life is like now, yesterday, this past week — still going through life emotionally or is God really sustaining us — worse, are we flat lined because we have lost the sense of adventure and really have not stepped out in faith for some time?

A testimony is a life-changing word for someone to see Jesus in us – let’s continue the time-line so we can continue to tell the world of His work in our lives each day.




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