Do not touch and do not harm

do not touch do not harm

My wife was chiding me the other day as we were praying for Christians around the world that were dying in their stand for Christ.  We covered a lot of ground in those prayers from confusing their killers, to blinding their eyes, to bringing conviction in their hearts and of course I prayed for courage for them to die and that in dying many would come to Christ.  As much as my wife appreciated that and believe that to be the case, she thought that my prayer should always be that those who have made a commitment to follow Jesus should not be touched and should have no harm done to them and that this would be a greater testament.  Again, this is so right too – in fact Satan used the same thought pattern with Jesus being tempted to jump off the temple.  I am not saying that sarcastically, it is the word of God and it does apply in the Christian life.  Too many of us are witnesses of God’s miraculous saving power and protection.

Since we do not know which of these will bring God the glory that He is seeking for, we leave the outcome to Him, but as in healing, we pray for the miraculous.  The miraculous can be the courage to die, and it can also be that we are not touched or harmed.

Until that moment we give thanks to God, we call upon His name and we make known His work among all the people we walk with.  Singing and talking, glorying and rejoicing, seeking and remembering Him is what we continue to do.

Let’s face it – for thousands of generations His covenant and His word has mattered and has remained relevant.





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