A description of God’s work

descriptionn of God

God is very great, clothed with honour and majesty.

Who covers Himself with light as you would a garment and stretches out the heavens like a curtain.

Who makes the clouds His chariot – who walks on the wings of the wind and makes the wind His messengers and flames of fire His ministers.

Who laid the foundation of the earth that is should not be moved and who covered it with the deep as one would a garment.  Then at Your rebuke they fled, at the voice of thunder they hurried away to the place You had founded for them.  You set up boundaries that they may not pass over so that they would not cover the earth again.

You send springs into the valleys as they run among the mountains.  You give drink to every beast of the field and they quench their thirst.  Along their path the birds of the heaven find their habitation and they sing among the branches.

The earth is filled with the fruit of His work.

He makes grass to grow for the cattle and herbs to serve people.  He enables the earth to produce food out of the earth – wine to make the heart of people glad, oil to make his face shine and bread to strengthen mankind’s heart.

The trees have their fill of moisture.  This is where the birds make their nests.  The mountains are for the wild goats and the rocks are refuge for marmots.

He appointed the moon for seasons and the sun knows when it needs to go down.  Darkness signifies night where the animals of the forest come out.  They seek after their prey and they seek their food from God.  The sun rises and they get away, laying down in their dens.  Mankind gets up and goes to work until the evening.




One Preacher’s Description of God

Description of God



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