Written for a generation to come


Throughout history God has brought into generations amazing people of faith who knew God.  They each came to Him in ways that were quite different but they all left their mark in written form.  Today we can read their bios and their commentaries to get a glimpse of some of their remarkable experiences as they spent time with God.

In my experience of reading the Psalms this year, I have found the emotional highs and lows still quite uneasy – I like the steady as she goes approach.  However, I am understanding that this glimpse into the emotion has been very good for me – getting a background sketch of how one felt as they journeyed on the road that God had charted for them.

I was thinking that maybe all the years of these journeys were not meant for the original writers anyway – maybe God took them on a journey, they documented it, so that I could read it today or that my son and daughter could read it tomorrow or that it would be the light that would shine on my grandchildren one day setting them free to follow God with all of their heart, soul, mind and strength.

It confirms a lot of my desire, heightened very much this year, of writing.  Let’s not write for today, but for tomorrow.  That others that follow us know how we feel – the highs and lows – not that it makes an interesting story but it confirms that our lives are passing moments yearning for God to answer our prayers. God, however, is eternity.  He will not only hear my prayer, but has heard all the prayers of the saints before me and will hear the prayers of my children and their children.  And in one of our writings, He will use it to strengthen, to encourage, to build up to establish hope – to be glorified.




Generation Of Revelation (Song By Hobart Worship Team)

Written for a Generation to Come


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