Wanting more

wanting more

When I think of singing and praising God, I am thinking that God is seeing my heart bursting at the seams and that He will come and fill me with Himself.

I feel the same way when I behave myself wisely, perfectly and walk in my house with a heart that’s set on following Him – I want Him to come and give me more of Himself.

Especially when I have removed the idols from my eyes and from any place within my heart giving no room for anything but God to hang on to. I basically have decided not to know evil in my heart.

I want more of God so these things I will do.

I will also keep company with others who are committed above all else to be faithful followers of God so that we can walk together and in times of need we can minister to each other.

God, look and see and fill me – I want more of You.

Our Longing for Intimacy and Closeness is Evidence of our Strong and Driving Need for God’s Presence!


Wanting God More than Anything

Hungry Heart Scriptures


Wanting more in your relationship with God


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