Evil will be judged


Can you imagine the joy when evil is finally judged, condemned and destroyed forever?

For many, it is the one hope that keeps us holding on to Jesus’ hand as we walk this road that seems to be full of evil trying to knock us off, down or onto a different path – one that was not charted for us.

From the Genesis of evil we have seen it develop and find a consciousness here on earth.  With so many instruments at its disposal it transforms itself to such heights that God has to constrain it and limit it with promises of punishment and with promises that we will overcome evil.

There will be a lot of joy that day and I am sure not just from us but from all creation when that day comes.




Evil Will be Judged


5 thoughts on “Evil will be judged

      • You should check out my blog from Friday. When you have time to listen to the speaker. I listen to a lot of things and did not think it would have anything really new in it. The lady goes to a friend of mines church and she kept asking…have you listened yet? Friday after work I did and it is really nice to be reminded of how AMAZING God is. He still truly amazes us when we allow Him. Little slow till she begins to speak but I promise you will not be left disappointed. I cried tears of overwhelming joy in our God!

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