Just saying my foot is slipping…

just saying my foot is slipping

How long does it take to understand how things work when it comes to our relationship with God?

He disciplines us, instructs us, He moves us in the right direction, He corrects us and yes, from time to time, He punishes us when necessary.  Who do we think teaches us about knowledge or gives us knowledge?

He does not forsake us and brings righteousness into His judgment and give us His righteousness so that we are empowered to lead.  That one of us would give ourselves to God so that He may move through us to stand up against evil.

I know that my silence, if I just let things be, is not what God wants from me.  I think of when my foot slipped and just thinking that my foot was slipping, God in His loving kindness sustained me.  Just knowing that He was holding me up and supporting me by His mercy and kindness made the difference.

I need to show others that God has become and God will be my high tower, my stronghold, my rock and I will do that by not being silent, by making a stand and being confident that His righteousness sustains me.




“My Feet Almost Slipped”

I Almost Slipped!

When Feet Slip

Keep my feet from slipping

Song of a Slipping Saint



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