It’s a good thing to give thanks to God

it's a good thing to give thanks to God

And not to give thanks only but to sing His praises too – even if it is just for His loving kindness in the morning and for His faithfulness at the end of the day.

His work makes me glad because I win when He works.  It is a very insolent person, or dare I say a fool that does not understand this.

We understand that those who have rejected God may prosper for a time – great – go ahead and enjoy – but that brief, very brief moment you are enjoying  or thinking that you are enjoying is so absolute insignificant in light of eternity.

On the other hand, my brief moment as well, in fact, a very brief moment, I will flourish like a palm-tree and grow like a cedar of Lebanon and I will live in the courts of my God forever.




Youthful Praise – Incredible God, Incredible Praise

Don Moen-Give Thanks

In All Things Give Thanks

It is Good to Give Thanks to the Lord



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