From everlasting to everlasting

from everlasting to everlasting

I am a bit overwhelmed when I stand still for a moment and realize just who God is and who I am.

God has been God since the beginning.  He holds the affairs of our hearts in His hands.  Time is irrelevant because a thousand years for us is but as yesterday, it has already passed through the night.

We are but grass, that grows, looks good in the morning, but in the evening it’s cut down and withers.  We know that if You were angry with us, we would be consumed. So we try to hide our sins, realizing all the time that they are before You anyway, even our ‘secret’ sins can’t hide from the light of Your face.

It seems our days are filled with pain and our years end as a sigh.  In good strength, many of us will live until we are 80 years old.  Yet at that moment, looking with pride at our labour and seeing our sorrow too, it is as if all those things just flew away.

Can we pray and ask God to teach us how to number our days, for Him to give us a heart of wisdom?  Can He satisfy us in the morning with HIs loving kindness and can we joy and be glad each day?  Can He work in us so that through our children He is glorified?

May HIs favour be upon us and may He prove the work of our hands.



Brian Doerksen, Everlasting

Everlasting God

From Everlasting to Everlasting

God Is Everlasting


One thought on “From everlasting to everlasting

  1. Thank you for this reminder.
    He is, indeed, able to do more, exceeding abundantly more!
    And He will put, and keep, the witness in us, of His great goodness, grace and glory.

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