Eternal value of worship

eternal value of worship

We worship God because of His kindness, love, mercy and we know that without grace being given to us each day, this road that we walk on would be a very hard road to follow.

Kindness, love and mercy are characteristics of who God is – which means that worship is something that we will be doing forever and ever.  There will be no end to worship.  My mouth will never stop worshiping God.  Imagine those who say they are followers of Christ and yet do not enjoy worship – I have met them – they will not like heaven.

Earthly praise moves on to heavenly praise – imagine – forever.  There will be no end to the stories of God’s wonders.  We will come together, even as we do now, along with the angels and revere the one and only God, the One above all.

Who is like You?  Who is as strong as You?  Who is mighty like You? You have the arm of strength, a strong arm, my joy will be in You.




Endless Hallelujah – Matt Redman

Shackelford: This life will be dust, worship will last 


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