I cry by day, I cry by night


Let’s confirm that God is the God of our salvation, He is our God.

But there are days, and most of us can recall them vividly even though some of them have morphed together – even so, the feelings of those days are still real.

Nights of calling out to God, and days of doing the same.  We so desperately needed our prayers to enter into the presence of God – in fact we even yelled them out to make sure that His ear caught our words.

In our perspective, we’re troubled, sorrow was more our friend, there was evil walking right beside us – as if we were on the road to death.  We had become people without God.  We had entered a dark place – it seemed that You were pretty angry with us and wave after wave the darkness came in to meet us.  These were days when it felt like we did not even have acquaintances.  Daily misery was our only friend.

Can You, God, do wonders on behalf of the dead? Can shadows rise up to praise You?

That when we made our decision that we would continue to cry out to God for help.  Sure we’re distracted because of our pain.  Sure we made a few steps backward because we’re humbled.  Sure it felt like we lost our best friend and lover.  But God is still our God and we waited for Him to rescue us.






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