I will walk in Your truth


What is the truth I need to know so I can walk this road that God has charted for me?

I know that even if I whisper my prayer to Him, He will bow down His ear as far as it needs to go so that He can answer me.  I know He knows that I am poor and needy.

He also knows that I have made a decision to follow Him and that my walk is right, but because I am poor and needy, I count on God to save me because I put my trust in Him alone.

I know that God is merciful and because I know, it is to Him that I cry all day long.  But because of that, I joy because I am crying to Him – He is good, ready to forgive, abundant in loving-kindness, especially to those that cry out to Him.

There is no one else like Him – it is He who I worship and I shall glorify His name.  For God is great, He has already done wondrous things – He is God alone.

When You teach me Your ways, I have decided to walk in them – for they will be truth.  My heart will fear You and praise You and glorify You – for You have delivered me from the prison I was in.




Teach Me Your Way O Lord – Worship Jesus

Jenny & Tyler – Psalm 86

“I will walk in your truth”

Teach  me Your way

Scriptures on Truth



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