Highway in my heart


Do you love meeting God in your special place?  Do you find yourself missing those special times with Him – and by missing I mean a longing that you feel in your heart and in your body.  It’s as if you are really “home.”

Part of the addiction comes from the blessings we receive when we are in His presence – there is ongoing praise going back from us to God because of those blessings.  Those blessings produce a strength that can only be seen as a highway in my heart straight to the throne of God.

Even when a pass through moments of weeping, they have a way of turning my life into springs, In fact, the early rain covers me as a blessing.  So I go from strength to strength as I present myself into the presence of God.

God, continue to hear my prayer, be my shield, shine Your face on me, for one day in your courts is better than a thousand days without You.  I would rather be one who stands at Your door than be part of any other house because You God are both sun and shield and You give grace and glory and hold no good thing from those who walk with You.  Blessed are the ones who put their trust in You.





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