God, do not be quiet or still

Autumn at Leith Hill, Surrey

For us, we are to be “still” to know God, but we want God to make a tumult, to rage, be in an uproar when it comes to rescuing His own.  With due cause of course because so many times, we as followers of Christ, have been designated to be destroyed or cut off.

Our natural instincts are to ask God to make those who come against us like a whirl of dust, rolling leaves or plain old stubble or chaff thrown into the fire.  We want to see them confused, disgraced, put to shame and their plans foiled.  But deep down inside we want to see them destroyed.

Is this how the world will know that God reigns?  Will the earth see God when they see this destruction?  Somehow in all of our pain and loss of life and liberty, we have to find the place where we love them enough to ask God, the Most High over all of heaven and earth, to reveal Himself, His love – to come in a dream or a vision – to speak on our behalf and allow us to have entrance into this world that hates Him so much, so that we may disciple them in the ways of God.

So God, may Your love not be silent, do not hold Your peace and do not be still until every language group, all 3,300 that still have not heard Your name, and all those that hate You, have experienced Your love.






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