Throughout the OT the Trinity is expressed in this word.  There are other expression used but when brought to its core, this is the word.  King David used the expression – “God stands in the congregation of God” – its core root means “the Elohim” which is an expression used by Job as well.

As I continued to read Psalm 82 I heard King David’s own frustration with God’s lack of judgement against the unjust and His seemingly respect or at least preference of the wicked. He brilliantly comes up with a plan that maybe God should judge those that are right – the poor and fatherless, the feeble and the orphans – the unimportant.  That way all charges against them could be cleared – including his own.

For in their wanderings, back and forth, they all lack understanding and need rescuing and deliverance.  Then with God’s strong hand He can bring them safely home.  Then those that are left remaining, outside of God’s protection will die just like ordinary people. Regardless of their status and position, along with all the demons, they will be removed and the nations of the earth that have been kept as an inheritance to God, will be His possession and the final judgement would have taken place.

What a vision of the future that I have never seen before in the Psalms.




Genesis 1:1b Elohim

The Hebrew Name for God


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