Are we walking in our own counsel?


We are singing aloud, ringing out with joy, with loud piercing sounds – we are making noise because of the strength of our refuge.  We have a testimony to share.  Our burdens we’re removed from our shoulders and our hands and palms we’re freed and escaped from trouble, distress and oppression.

Somewhere along our walk we’re introduced to something foreign, a different god and we moved to having nothing to do with God.  We became stubborn, our mind and heart filled with lust and sensual passion we started to take matters into our own hands.

Will we remember that all it took was an uttered prayer and God would arrive quickly to subdue and humble our enemies? Will we remember that when we were hungry, He fed us until we’re satisfied?




The Way of the Righteous and the Way of the Ungodly

Not Only a Faith Choice, But a Faith Walk

Spirit of Counsel and Strength


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