Turn us again

turn us again

Ever see your vegetable plants or flowers turn to where the sun is shining from?  They may be growing in one direction but as soon as they see that sun, they turn and start reaching for the sky.

I believe that the blessing that some people place on others – may God’s face shine upon you – has the same intention.  It is not only about blessing and favour but it is about you going in the wrong direction, then God shines on you, and you turn and begin to once again be passionate about reaching out to Him.

That is my prayer as I bless others with this and may God give ear to my blessing – shine bright Lord Jesus into their lives and save us.

We might feel that our path has been washed out, that we have been fed bread of tears, that our neighbours are striving with us and our enemies are laughing but when God shines on us, He will turn us and we will be saved.

I do not want to turn away from you God, quicken my spirit and fill me with Your Holy Spirit and I will call upon Your name.  Turn me to You, cause Your face to shine and I will be saved.



The Sheep: Turn us again




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