What is our life saying?

what is your life saying

There is a passage that shows up at the end of Malachi chapter 3 that many miss because they cannot handle the first part of chapter 3 and I assume they move on to chapter 4 or begin with Matthew.  God is looking down on earth to see if anyone is talking about Him.  He finds a few that remember Him and give testimony to who He is.  God then tells someone to write their names in a book.

What kind of testimony are we giving today?  Are we heeding God’s warnings, have dealt with others without love or is our testimony one of being faithless?

God hears our testimonies.  He does reject as much as He writes our names in a book.  He does leave us for a time.

It is during these times that God begins to look at the heart.  Just as He left King Saul, He found King David.  He is looking for someone to come and love, to shepherd, to look after obtaining a pious mind.  He is looking for someone who works with understanding.

I pray that our life is a testimony of God in us, focused, we know the path He has charted for us and we have decided to follow Him.




What Is Your Life Saying?


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