A walk in His law becomes my law

a walk in His law becomes my law

This is what I am starting to see in my old age – after giving ear to and taking in the law, teachings, parables, proverbs, and poems and applying them into my life – they have become my laws, not just God’s.  So when I stand in front of a group, or doing discipleship with a bunch of people in my home or one on one conversation in a coffee shop, I am telling them what I know and what I know is law – by law I mean this is truth, it never fails, I have tried it, lived it and love it.

So the ancient riddles of ancient times rolls off my tongue as if I wrote them myself.  This gift is given to us who are older in the faith because it becomes our responsibility to not hide these truths from our children, and our children’s children.

They have seen our strength and now we have to tell them where it comes from – the works, the might, the wonders, the deeds – they are all a testimony, a warning, the law  which the following generations need to know and need to experience.

We arise so that they may arise in hope and trust and that they will not turn rebellious and insolent.  That they’re set firm in their heart and minds and not found to be inconsistent and not steadfast in their relationship with God.  That they are true to God, faithful and not armed with deceit.




Executive Summary: “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” – John Maxwell

When a walk becomes a run…


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