When our path goes through deep waters


Our first thought when going through distress is to cry out to God, whether day or night we have come to expect that He will answer.

When He does not, we continue to seek Him, do not become tired in our requests and refuse to believe otherwise.

There in that moment of seeking we hold to thoughts of days gone by where we remember how God worked in our lives and the wonders He performed.  It is as if God holds our eyelids from closing so that He can help us not to faint but continue to watch and wait for Him.

So we continue to commune, worship, muse, meditate and search within ourselves.  We will ask at some point if God has rejected us, if He has ceased giving His favour, mercy and loving-kindness.

We remember the times we held His right hand, received His compassion, healed our sicknesses – how can we think that He has changed or has withdrawn His help?

We finally come to the place where we remember that He is in His sanctuary, holy – He is God.  A million points of nature that are but symbols of His power hit us, wave after wave.  We are but on a journey and now that path is taking us through some deep water and we’re blessed because the memories of the past, the meditation of who God is and the knowledge that this path has been charted for us by God, sustain us.  We continue to walk, and even if we cannot feel Him around us, He is near because He always has been.




If You Want Me To – Ginny Owens

Wading Deep Waters – Crooked Still

Passing through the waters…



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