We can’t see our signs

we can't see our signs

It is crazy how much we depend on signs.  Jesus said that it is an evil and wicked generation that seek signs and we know what He means by seek – but we need to see a sign from time to time to encourage us in our walk – at least we have convinced ourselves of this need.

When we don’t see a sign, we start thinking that God has cast us off, no longer wanting to connect with us, obviously because we must have done something to get Him angry.  The mind continues down this track until we beat ourselves black and blue.

 Signs assure us that God remembers us and that He still sees us as the ones He has redeemed.  Trust me, the enemy has enough signs up to tell us that we are not saints and their signs are everywhere trying to tell us that we are nothing in Christ.  They intimidate us by destroying what we find so valuable and they curse the name of God as if He does not exist – all to create havoc on our faith.

We desperately look for our prophet, our favourite evangelist, at least someone called of God to stand up with our sign – letting us know that God is working salvation in the midst of all the noise – because maybe what He has done in creation is somehow no longer relevant.

Without the signs we think of ourselves as poor, forgotten, oppressed, ashamed, violated – we stop praise and we begin to pray “claiming” type prayers to get what we want.  Somehow in all of this we have to understand that God can plead His own cause and we have to trust that regardless of a sign or not.










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