My steps were close to slipping

my steps were close to slipping

How great it is to say that God is good and so true that no one else is, even those whom seem to have a pure heart.

When I look at Him and then look at me, I can see how often I have almost slipped.

How easy is it to be jealous of the arrogant or the prosperity of the one who rejects God.  It seems they are not scared of death and that they are firm in their strength.  They are not in trouble like other people and they have no plaguing issues in their lives.  Pride is as much a chain around their neck and violence at least in word seems to be like another piece of clothing that they wear.  They look wealthy because they have more than a normal heart could wish.  It’s the scoffing and oppression and the manner in which they speak.  Their mouths seem to know everything and their tongues have been around the world.

See how easy it is to slip.

Does God know?  Does He see the rich get richer and always living a life of ease?  Is it in vain that I have decided to come and ask God to cleanse my heart, to wash my hands and be innocent?

Of course, when I enter into my quiet time with God, with all of my plaguing issues, I consider the latter end and what that will look like.  They will be the one on a slippery slope and they will not make it.  I will be continually with God, He will be holding my right hand, He will guide me and He will receive me into His glory.

Who else do I have or do I want – there is none I want beside You.  Even if my body falls apart, God will be my strength and my portion.  It is good for me to draw near to God, my refuge, so that I may tell of all Your good works.




I Almost Slipped!

Slipping And Falling




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