He shall have dominion from sea to sea

He shall have dominion from sea to sea

You are looking here at a window of the Canadian government’s Parliament Building where the verse from Psalm 72 is inscribed.  What other government building in the world has scripture inscribed on the outside as a testimony to all looking in? Proud of the heritage of previous governments who built such strong memories of who were and proud of our current government who carries them forward.

What fascinates me most about this verse is that it is a promise, not a fact of the present.  We are His present and He asks us to judge and deliver justice with His judgments and in His righteousness especially to the needy, poor and afflicted.    May we be like a gentle rain that waters, and may we bring peace.

We carry out this when we understand that the future tense of this verse implies that in the present, we already have chosen to bow before Him, and that we are Him in a world that does not know Him.  It is in our worship that God moves through us and it is Him moving through us that the world sees God.



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