You are my benefactor


I remember my history and I loved the idea of being a benefactor – of course, old money passed from generation to generation – or being sponsored by a benefactor to serve in the arts or as appointed clergy.  My daughter loves Pride and Prejudice and that story-line has all sorts of benefactors in it.

Cannot say that at any time I thought of God as a benefactor, but when you think about it, it is actually possible, especially after already reading through the Psalms once and now again for the second time this year.

My wife and I are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary.  Our marriage should not have lasted this long, but God has been our refuge, saviour, help, our rock and sometimes the crag in the rock, our stronghold, our deliver – in fact, very much our benefactor.

As receivers of such grace and wonder, we’re filled with praise and honour for His strength, power and beauty for such a God as this that we serve speaks to me.

His truths are what we talk about because we have experienced them – experienced His righteousness, His faithfulness – so I will continually hope in Him and I will tell everyone all of His mighty acts and great deeds He has done in our lives. I will make mention of them, His wonders, until I am old, and make them known to the next generation.  For that reason He continues to show Himself to me and I may say that many of those revelations come through Him walking me through troubles, distress and misfortune along with a few moments in deep waters.






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