I am poor and sorrowful

Jesus 4 13 deep water in life

Funny thing happened in the last two days – great days for me in motivating and bringing people to the foot of the cross and expecting great things from God and the opportunity to challenge relationships people have with Jesus and what does that look like.

Then suddenly a guest speaker in the evening talks about pseudo listening – and Jeremiah 40 -43 where Johanan was illustrated as such a person.  When the guest speaker identified a moment in his life where he did this, one came up on my memory too.  I have been a pseudo listener to the voice of God and I am sad for doing it and in many ways, my disobedience still comes at a cost today.

I count on the salvation of God to set me on high these days.  Spending my time praising God with a song and magnifying Him with thanksgiving.  I pray that those who walk in meekness see it and are glad for those of us who really want to listen to God and seek Him in such a way we will have hearts that live.

For if God is going to hear anyone, it is the voice of the needy and of the prisoners.  They that love His name will dwell in the presence of God.






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