Where there is no standing

where there is no standing

What happens when our walk becomes not so lush and green as we expect it to be? What happens when we’re plunged into the mire of the abyss where we stand without support where the waters begin to overflow, then flood, then overwhelm?  What happens when we call so loud and so long for help that our throats are inflamed? What if our nights are filled with crying and calling as we fail to find the sleep we desperately need?

These are the times we feel foolish too because it would seem that our sins, offences and faults are putting us to shame and bring dishonour and shame on God.

As we turn towards God, coming before Him with humility, fasting, determined to be right with Him, making sure to seek Him above the pleasures of life that our friends begin to mock and taunt us for being Jesus freaks.

They do not understand that this is a life or death situation that calls for incredible moments with God, where He hears and answers, where the truth of His salvation and the truth of His help, His faithfulness, loving kindness, and mercy are all that stand between me and the flood of water that is just about to overwhelm and swallow me up.

When I think I can no longer stand, I still stand, because of the abundance of compassion and God’s incredible desire to draw near to me.






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