Making a highway for the One who rides the clouds

Sam Schonzeit's Bike Ride Marfa

When God stands up, His enemies scatter themselves from before His face and away from His presence.  When God stands up, the righteous are glad.  What a difference.

So it is when we praise God with song and worship – we create a pathway for God to come through our desert and our wilderness.  Even though His place is not here on earth, He comes and spends time with us, He visits with the fatherless, the orphans, He is our judge and our advocate, He finds our hearts a dwelling place for Him to live.   God takes the hand of families and leads those with no families to come to His home.  He specializes in those who are rebellious, obstinate, and stubborn and who find themselves in a dungeon, wilderness or desert.

When we praise Him it is like rain, copious rain on those He has inherited and though we might be weary, the sprinkling of rain refreshes – and He becomes our rich blessing.  He specializes in taking the weary and exhausted and raising them up, providing for them.

God accepts our gifts of praise and worship and lives with us.  May our day always be filled with praise and worship for within this expression of love we make the experience of walking with God a reality.



Stormscapes–For Him Who Rides on the Clouds



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