We went through and You brought us out

we went through and You brought us out

God, by doing, reveals the fullness of His power.   He only reveals His power so that the world would understand why it makes sense to submit to Him and to stop playing hypocrite before Him.

We will all bow down and worship God one day, why are we not deciding to start doing homage to Him today?

He will hold our hands as He turns us, as we go through the events of our lives, so that we might even be able to pass through rivers and floods.  It is His might and strength that is forever, with that He observes and keeps watch over us.

Let us stop being rebellious and obstinate, instead bless and praise Him. He who is life gave His life for us so that we might be set in life, holding, placed.

You may think that you will stumble when you’re tried and refined, you might feel that you are in prison, sore, burdened and in pain, constrained with a heavy burden – let me assure you that when you call on His name you will go through fire and through water and He will bring you into a wealthy place – an ample space, spacious, broad and you will be free – realizing that God was doing it all and we went just for the ride.



Lyrics – Psalm 66:8 20 – By Jason Silver

Through Fire and Water – feeling God in our tough times



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