Paths drip-drop with goodness

paths drip drop with goodness

I am praising God because every day seems to be a devotion of praise for all of His goodness that He shares with me.

My iniquities, my offences, and my errors – as great as they are – Jesus came to atone for them all.  Blessed is the person who receives an invitation to dwell in the holy place of God’s presence.  In this place God answers us in His righteousness and in His faithfulness He hears us.

God quickly establishes His power in our lives, especially if that life is tumultuous and raging as a seashore.  He turns the storm into a gentle watering, very rich and good for the heart and establishes a brook of God.  There the fruit of the Spirit is prepared.

My walk on this road that God has charted for me has been a year of such goodness.  Even the wilderness and deserts have become places of goodness – not too much – just enough to see God’s blessings each and every day.



Water Drop Photography





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