May You preserve


When I think of what Christians are going through in countries around the world today – Nigeria, Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, China – my prayers are empty when I think of my own problems.  So I turn and ask God to be there with them.

Immediately I know that He is with them, that is His promise, so I ask Him to preserve them.  Then I think that if we pay so much attention to saving our lives, we will end up losing it.

Then I remembered that the saving of the soul is much more important than the saving of the body.  My prayer is now that God would preserve their souls through all this and that they would not curse God, that they would remain faithful, that they would sense His presence and at the end of the day, that they would be able to forgive those who have cruelly tortured and killed their loved ones.  And may they like Jesus and Stephen, at the time of their own death, may they yield their precious souls to God forgiving their killers for they do not know what they are doing.

In my world today, I too have to worry about my soul.  I face a different fear and dread that I need protection from.  The tumult and noise from those who have no need of God aim their bitter words and speech at me without fear.  They seem to get encouragement from each other and they get stronger as their numbers grow.  They to do not believe that anyone can see what they are doing, that they are doing everything in secret.

Then the Word of God in my heart comes through my mouth and like an arrow it shoots against the deception and my head understands the truth and my eyes cleared to see what God is doing.  Even as I see God preserve me, may I still be able to love those that did not love me.





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