As if my body is in a dry land


I tease some of the staff at the SIM Canada office because many of them have served in western Africa and they want me to take my first SIM trip to that part of the world.  Somehow they have fallen in love with that dry, dusty and very hot part of the world.  And since I am not cut from the same missionary cloth as they are, I am looking for a more – cool, well watered, probably in the mountains – type of “calling.”

I jest, but I can tell you the past few months God has been very talkative, speaking into my life in many ways and through many people.  My thirst for Him is as if my body was in a dry land – it is a desire that I cannot quench.  He is calling me to do things I should have done in the early part of this year and I am loving Him for loving me so much.

There is a longing to spend time with Him, to spend time with my church family, I enjoy seeing His power, might and strength working in the lives all around me.  “Seeing” God is great, His glory and greatness, His loving kindness is so precious – it makes praise so very real when we worship together.

I live, in my life, with my palms up before God, with a joyful song on my lips and I remember, meditate and muse on that life and what I have done with God and what I might do with Him.  I can see myself with Him – joining, cleaving, grasping, holding – what great words of action that try to describe my thirst for Him.



20 Bible Verses about Dry Land



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