The testimony of not listening


What happens when we stop hearing God’s voice, His instructions or when we decide the we are just not going to listen to Him anymore – what is the lily of our testimony?

Well, let’s put it this way – it is not good news.  God will do whatever He needs to do to get our attention back – He loves us that much.

He will cast us off, reject us, get angry at us, turn us backward, and allows us to be withdrawn.  He shakes the land, He splits it apart and that makes part of it sink and another part to totter.

In our staggering and bewilderment we will see the banner or the sign of those who have chosen to listen and who do so because of their awe of who God is and they are the ones who have decided to live right.  That will become our rally point for bringing us back and getting us to listen to God.

We will exchange our testimony of not listening to placing our security in God’s hands, becoming once again His beloved.  He will save us, He will be our victory.  He will now answer us because He hears us.  He is holy once again in our lives and He is the one carry the sceptre or the commander’s staff.

Now I will shout and greet God as my King.  He will conduct me and lead me.  I will once again do heroic feats, deeds of strength – I will for He will.



“Where the word breaks off, no thing may be” Testimony, Research and Hermeneutics




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